Jewels to be worn for immediately entering a dream made up by precious materials, artisanal details, and Italian elegance. These are the shoes designed by Revolver Requeen Venexia, the luxury brand conceived by Beatrice Baldan, with the support of designer Fabio Panzeri, who has led the footwear manufacturing tradition of the family (owner of the famous Baldan Venezia brand) into a sparkling and seductive universe.

Inspired by the world of music and literature, RRV footwear lines are characterised by ironic and exquisite elements that embellish seasonless models like pumps, sandals, and slingbacks. On centre stage is the heel: prism-shaped, stiletto or with a key design, conveying a seductive and immediately recognisable identity to the models. Italian essence is the key value of the proposal: all the models are made with Italian leathers and materials, crafted with care and attention to detail by the skilled hands of expert artisans in Baldan.

With these contents, RRV footwear becomes bona fide statement shoes, which express luxury and sophistication among glittering flashes, colours like elegant black, sparkling champagne, and seductive burgundy, and details that express joie de vivre.