Rifra Nastri s.r.l. – the established Lombard reality with over thirty years of experience in the production of elastic and rigid belts in the footwear, clothing, leather goods and industry sectors – continues to offer attractive and trendy tapes on the market, renewing and innovating the products not only from an aesthetic point of view.

On their website you can read the clear company mission:

Offering our Italian and international customers the highest quality, improving the service standards that fully satisfy their needs.

A vision to which they have kept faith by presenting two new types of tapes:

  • the article 450 UA30 on which a foil is applied, a film with a polyurethane base, which makes it completely waterproof and which gives a “warm” hand, pleasant to the touch, very much appreciated also by those who have to make a simply fashionable use of it.
  • Equal destiny for the proposal that integrates a reflective band inside.