The Italian-Swiss group Riri looks to the future and, to leave the pandemic behind, develops an SS22 collection with the aim to arouse positive emotions through bright colours, retro and timeless themes, attention to detail and innovative proposals where history and production processes become fundamental. The moods of the collection, Rejoice, Rebirth and Timeless, interpret the emerging feelings of a new normal of our times through inspirational paths, bringing together all the know-how and innovation of the group based in Mendrisio, which has always been in dialogue with the most important brands of the fashion world.

Euphoria and breaking free from melancholy inspire Rejoice, a line that exuberantly sees in positivity the joy of re-living. The optimism that is to come takes the form of a creative and extrovert style, even when it comes to accessories. The inspiration comes from the streets of Boca, one of Buenos Aires’ most popular neighbourhoods thanks to its combination of colours and creative scene. Thus, the Eloxal rio zip is presented once again: with its aluminum chain and colored teeth, matched with a multi-colour effect puller. In the range we can also find Nylon zip, featuring changing colours matched with buttons that echo their colour variations, and the Filmetal 14 zip with “strong” dimensions and eye-catching writings, embossed on the tape.

With Rebirth we go back to the future in a more responsible and sustainable way: a rebirth path that tells about a new way of approaching the world, reaffirming Riri’s commitment in this field. The range comprises zips and buttons developed with natural materials and processed manually, where a return to the basics is protagonist, together with a constant research to reduce resources use respecting the environment. Part of the line are the copper jeans buttons, with a special water-based paint finishing, transparent and protective, or the hemp-derived bio-plastic eyelets, as well as the galalite buttons, a particular bio-degradable plastic, derived from processed milk proteins.

Timeless elegance, essential luxury mixed with the highest quality standards for top-of-the-range products characterise the Timeless line. Design, materials and colours featuring in this line break away from seasonal trends to become timeless must-haves, essential yet elegant. Every piece is cared for in every detail, created specifically to leave a lasting mark: buttons, chains and pullers are either made of gold and silver, or they feature the clean and elegant tone of stainless steel. Metal and Symmetrical zips with luxury finishings, tapes with refined materials such as leather and satin represent the flagship items. Essential yet researched, this range comes with square and oval cuts, with geometry being functional and complementary to a timeless elegance.