Partner to the most prestigious designer labels in the fashion system, the Riri Group returns to inspire them with a collection of zips, buttons, and accessories for FW 2021-22 divided into three macro themes. Life Serving focuses on sustainability through the use of materials produced using organic waste and recycled plastics, but also on de-stocking with tapes in recycled polyester, in organic cotton, pullers covered in cork, in 100% recycled plastic from shoe soles that are alternated with buttons covered in cork, in polyamide and in recycled nylon, or in the company’s Alcantara microfibre. Engineering is the technical kingdom that expresses innovation with metal zips and buttons with squared and minimal shapes in a variation of grey hues with the occasional insertion of coloured tones. Finally, with Overshock, exaggeration is the keyword: dedicated to Generation Z and with an outdoor vocation, it uses the hip hop mood and settings of the Nineties, taking them to the extreme, in shapes and flashy and fluorescent colours  

Common to all the themes is the restyling of shapes and innovation in the spirit of aesthetics and functionality.