rsa_robot_system_automation_robinlight-1-683x1024_lowThe customer’s request was clear: a simple, small and easy-to-program machine. Ro.bin Light – whose dimensions are just over 1mt x 1mt – was created to simplify the management of robots and thus increase productivity.

This is demonstrated by the choice of new mechanical solutions,  completely renewed software that uses the new “machine learning” technologies to eliminate the need to create work programs and paths, as well as the integration of the most current process control systems and production monitors (management, ERP, data control, big data manager, etc.).

The use of a 3D vision system allows completely cancelling the path creation step, drastically reducing the time of industrialisation and allowing the system to also be used for simple samples, micro-series and luxury productions that require the production of very few pairs.

rsa_robot_system_automation_robinlight-4_lowThe 3D compensates and controls, identifies each type of sole and automatically generates the cementing profile. It is not afraid of the dimensional variations of materials, such as EVA, and is not afraid of deformations that typically occur in all industrial processes, due perhaps to bad storage.

Every single sole (which can be of any type, as can the adhesive used) is inspected and the spraying path is calculated in real time.

rsa_robot_system_automation_robinlight-5-683x1024_lowThe indirect advantage is also the possibility to use Ro.Bin Light not as a single cementing machine but also as a standard module for lines with 2 or more robots, with cleaning systems, halogenation, application of UV primer, water based or solvent, UV activators, quick dryers and reactivators.

From a single cementing machine to a complete sole processing line with a capacity of 600 pairs per hour, dedicated to big producers and sole factories.

Other advantages: it is one of the machines with the lowest energy impact (2kW), it comes with automatic cleaning system for the guns and belts, and costs 30% less than the standard Ro.Bin.