rubbermac_mg_5234-copiaThe Italian company Frasson S.p.A. has been operating in the safety, army, outdoor and running markets for more than 100 years, collaborating with the best shoes makers synonymous of high quality and professionalism.

Alberto De Rossi, sales manager, talks about the evolution of the safety and military market and the outlook for the industry in the coming years.

How is the world of safety shoes changing?

“The market of safety shoes and army boots is growing stronger. Due certainly to the physiological and technical growth of products made in Europe, but unfortunately also due to the complicated world situation that sees public safety increasingly at risk.

Reference standards for PPE are also becoming more and more stringent, so each product must be conceived and developed with the utmost skill and attention.

In addition to the technical need, the new generation of safety shoes aims at giving consumers young, light, comfortable and why not, trendy footwear.

Therefore, it strives to develop a relationship between innovation, new materials, creativity and the way this is made available to customers. We call it Re-Evolution.”

img_0705_lowWhy is the sole essential to this Re-Evolution?

“In the last few seasons, the technological push in the manufacturing of shoe bottoms has been imperative, through the introduction of new materials, the updating of chemistry and new construction concepts.

The sole is the protagonist in more and more segments, and the priority has shifted from the price to the performance, thus creating the need for light and durable multi-component soles.

Polyurethane with a low specific weight and high resilience properties, the introduction of cushioning gel, film protection, zone-differentiated rubber, eco-sustainability and much more: these are the numerous themes being discussed at the moment…. all hot topics.”

Are your customers willing to invest in these new technologies?

“Sure. In the last two seasons we have noticed a strong willingness from our customers to invest in new equipment, research and targeted products.”

How does Frasson interpret this change?

“The technological re-evolution of footwear has always been a daily theme for the company as our historic market (mountaineering and rock climbing) has always demanded continuous research and evolution of new technologies. And we trust in the introduction of new skills into the company thanks to young people coming from different experiences.

In addition, the important benefits derived from the acquisition of Rubbermac S.r.l., an historic Italian company in the moulding of soles in rubber and PU, has allowed us to combine and propose two technically different, but complementary backgrounds.”


How have you succeeded in reaching your customers and producers abroad?

“The Frasson group is today present with three production sites in Italy, one in Croatia and one in Romania – strategic locations to serve our customers established in Eastern Europe. We are also working on creating a sales and service channel in South Africa. Not to mention a streamlined and direct customer service that allows us to handle every single request professionally and promptly.”

2018 will be an important year for your company…

“The slogan that we wanted inscribed on the logo celebrating the 100th anniversary of the company goes like this: ‘100 years of right steps together’. It was a long and challenging journey that we wanted to travel with all our customers and collaborators, sharing with them professional growth, difficulties, successes, but also friendship and respect. So yes, 2018 is an important milestone for the company, a company that still has a lot to say.”