Along with footwear, technical socks are the accessory that must be chosen with the greatest amount of care in protecting against inflammation and injuries while practicing sports, because they must be able to protect the feet and legs in the spots that are most vulnerable and subject to  stress. Revolutionary technical Run Up socks, developed by Floky, are based on biomechanical principles matched with a use of GRS certified recycled polyester created by REPETITA®, which is highly resistant and versatile, in order to give life to a product that is capable of respecting the biomechanical, circulatory, and neurological functions of the legs and feet. Making this product unique and one-of-a-kind are the external applications with high technological content: the elaborate design and implementation of advanced serigraphic techniques that manage to transmit Biomechanical principles to these socks, are characterised by a precise action on the feet and body that guarantees special protective, preventive, and high performance functions. An innovation made possible by Floky’s 30 years of experience in the sock industry, starting from the invention of the first anti-slip sock in 1988, and continuing today with the research of Mr. Testa, who is considered an international expert in the field of biomechanics.