Founded in 1974 in PaduaMoro Minuterie has always stood out for the quality and durability of its metallic accessories, as the purest expression of a quality Made in Italy resulting from constant investments in research and development. Among the new products, standing out in particular are the hooks and eyelets for trekking and outdoor activities, fields in which the choice of the right metallic accessory is fundamental in guaranteeing functionality and safety. These products are in fact designed to reply to high qualitative standards and are characterised by five distinct traits: durability, anti-corrosion, quality raw materials, respect for international safety standards, and a functional and striking design.

In terms of durability, the hooks and eyelets for technical shoes must be grip-fast, and resistant to fluctuations in temperature and to the progressive friction of the laces. Often materials like zamak or plastic have a lower performance than sheared metal. For example, zamak has very little resistance to changes in temperature, to the extent that already at 50° some alloys begin presenting problems of mechanical resistance, not to mention the fact that zamak hooks have very little resistance to being twisted and subsequently realigned. Moro Minuterie iron and brass hooks, instead, are not subject to the problems inherent to zamak and are also less expensive. In terms of resistance to corrosion, the special galvanic finish of Moro Minuterie products guarantees positive results for up to 500 hours in the salt fog test, is Satra certified, and combines functionality with a striking look.

Last, but not least, in terms of function and look, Moro Minuterie hooks and eyelets for trekking shoes are easy for both the manufacturer and end customer to use. They can in fact be automatically applied by machines, allowing production times to be reduced, and are available in a wide variety of shapes, finishes, and colours capable of matching a vast range of uppers. In the field of varnishing for buckles, eyelets, d-rings, or lace loops, the company has also made a new range of metallized colours available in 9 different nuances (bronze, titanium, light grey, antique bronze, gold, light copper, copper, gentian blue, and violet), which convey a modern look to even the most technical footwear, with the possibility of adding (upon request) special RF 500 treatment, for a greater resistance to corrosion.

Among the new products that the company offers we also find metal-free plastic accessories, chosen in particular for use in environments protected by metal detectors or subject to particular requirements, because they guarantee thermal and electrical insulation, rust resistance, resistance to acid and atmospheric agents and color resistance over time.

Metal-free plastic accessories