Santori Pellami Spa, the company with an ultra-secular history that is now in its fourth generation, is cutting-edge when it comes to research onto sustainable solutions, which include a reduced environmental impact in its productive processes, wastewater treatment, as well as the development of materials and products.

In this sense, among the most innovative proposals of Santori Pellami, is Naturella®, a brand patented in 2018 where high quality leather is tanned using biodegradable, organic ingredients, with low use of heavy metals and without chromium. Requirements that are joined by abrasion resistance, colour fastness and improved colour absorption (with a reduced use of dyes and additives), grab strength, and dry and wet crocking for footwear and fashion needs. 

Today, Naturella® is still the first tannery product to have ever assessed its lifecycle in compliance with European PEF- Product Environmental Footprint; with test results confirming the innovation and sustainability of the tanning process used in its production. A result that has rewarded Santori Pellami’s commitment to sustainability: its investments have in fact required considerable resources, but at the same time it has allowed the tannery to implement eco-friendly processes, thanks to the elimination of metals from the processes and improvements made to the manufacturing plants. The result of all this is Naturella®, an evolution that fully replies to the increasingly pressing needs of the fashion system for sustainable products.

The study undertaken by Santori Pellami on the environmental footprint also took into consideration the organisation of the company with a special focus on the efficiency of “short-chains”, but on an international level, with the possibility of extending the Naturella® model to the main European markets and especially Italy, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, and Serbia.