The design quality of a fashion accessory, shoe or bag or whatever, is measured not only by the beauty of the shape, but also by the quality of the materials with which it is made.
From this perspective, ostrich leather can only be considered a true symbol of refinement, taste and sophistication, thanks to its many qualities: softness, elasticity, silky touch, rich texture and exotic feel.

The creations made by the students of ARSUTORIA school using the magnificent leather supplied by SAOBC – South African Ostrich Business Chamber, enhance its special qualities, already appreciated by the most important names in fashion.
Creativity, status and commercial sustainability are reflected in the depth and brightness of the colours that, when combined, add a precious quality to the men’s and women’s creations, as well as the covered heels and most refined details.

SAOBC and ARSUTORIA still together

The South African Ostrich Business Chamber (SAOBC) and the Italian ARSUTORIA school for footwear pattern-makers and designers continues its almost ten year collaboration.
The philosophy of the South African ostrich industry, represented by SAOBC, is very far-sighted, which focused on training young designers to promote the quality and characteristics of its leather. What better occasion than the ARSUTORIA design courses attended by international designers who represent the future of the footwear and leather sectors.

The students had the privilege of being able to image and create a small collection of shoes and bags using the ostrich leather supplied by prestigious companies such as Klein Karoo and Scott. In the school’s workshop, designers were able to see for themselves the exceptional performance of ostrich leather, its unique characteristics and learn how to treat it correctly when constructing a prototype.

Below: Samples by Arsutoria School – Leather by Klein Karoo

Above: Samples by Arsutoria School – Leather by SCOT

The SAOBC – South African Ostrich Business Chamber

A co-ordinating body for the ostrich industry to benefit both the producers and the processors of ostriches and ostrich products
The Mission of the SAOBC is to promote a sustainable, economically viable ostrich industry through co-operation between stakeholders.