ciminari-lorenzo-dsc08745-foto-peter-elovich-fondazione-cologniLorenzo is the demonstration of how life can surprise you. After obtaining a diploma in geometry, in fact, he worked as an assistant pattern-maker at a footwear company and there he understood that his destiny was not in designing houses, but shoes.

A destiny that he started taking seriously in November 2017 when he began an internship at the prestigious TOD’S laboratories based in the Marche, and where he will probably continue his career.

But let’s take a step back: after choosing his path Lorenzo Ciminari – 22 years of age from Civitanova Marche – enrolled in the footwear pattern-making and prototyping course at the ARSUTORIA school in Milan. His initiative and desire to learn led him to be chosen as one of the trainees of the “A school, a Job. Paths of Excellence” italian project.


image001Thanks to the scholarship of 5,000 euros granted by the Fondazione Cologni and to the support of the Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi and the Amici di Mauri, Lorenzo began a 6-month internship at TOD’S pattern-making department. Here he works alongside the expert pattern maker and tutor Gionata Cesca in all phases of the construction of the first prototype in the conveyor, specifically following the stages of cutting, hemming, assembly and finishing. At the end of the course, having perfected the knowledge obtained during the training course, he will be able to design on paper and directly on the last, and to develop the models of the uppers using manual and computer techniques.