“Satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the possibilities of future generations”: this is the imperative underlying the concept of sustainability for the Sciarada tannery which, after eight years of trials, tests and technological innovation of its Research & Development departments has created a new brand with a concrete vision, oriented towards sustainable development combined with the first patented and certified green suede: Evolo.

There is an innovative process at the base of the project that blends nature and technique: six steps compared to the sixteen of Schiarada’s wet blue standard processing which have the recovery and regeneration of chamois processing waste as their starting point, with a significant reduction in the resources used. With this process, in fact, the use of water is reduced by 66%, the use of chemicals by 36% and CO2 emissions by 50%. Compared to the suede standard, each square metre of Evolo leather treated with this procedure emits 0.803 kg less CO2, the equivalent contained in 1,600 m3 of air. Moreover, there is no further addition of chromium.

A challenge that for Sciarada has entailed a real revolution in the use of its resources, which resulted in a suede quality featuring higher performance than classic Sciarada, for example in the resistance of the colour over time, which allows you to proceed with a valuable finishing on the fabric, giving back soft and velvety tactile sensations. “Evolo represents the commitment and dedication and openness to new production processes that the company has always emphasised”, says Simone Castellani, Sales Director of Sciarada, “We are happy with the result achieved and the excellent feedback received from brands that choose Evolo for their products. Our social and environmental commitment does not end here. We know that it is not easy, but we are projected towards an increasingly responsible future”.