IFCOMA, the Indian Footwear Components Manufacturers Association, announces that the 2020 edition of Shoetech will be held on a virtual platform. In light of the continuing pandemic, there was no other choice but to hold it virtually, and businesses have accordingly been pushed to be flexible and adapt to the latest technologies in order to help local firms reconnect with the industry.

The virtual event will showcase the latest trends in terms of leather and components for footwear – soles, heels, insoles, fabrics, lasts – together with the machinery presented by more than forty sector companies which, according to the predictions of the organisers, will have the chance to meet up with over 1000 footwear manufacturers on the platform.

“I invite all the stakeholders of the sector and participants to Shoetech 2020, the first virtual sector show in India – declares Ketan Sanghvi, President of IFCOMA – Expressing our optimism, I encourage all to reinvigorate their focus on product and innovation: free of physical constraints, supply chains can grow by building new relationships and reinforcing existing ones. Our aim is to demonstrate that the Indian component industry is always ready to stand by your side. I am confident that at our show you will find the best and latest components with just a few clicks.” 

IFCOMA represents over 400 members including producers of soles, insoles, lasts, toecaps and counters, linings, components, metallic accessories, chemical and compounds, labels and laces, etc.… Shoetech 2020 will offer great opportunities and information to the footwear industry and international operators who traditionally follow the show from countries like the USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bangladesh, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Sri Lanka.

Ketan Shangvi, presidente di IFCOMA