Under the slogan “Let’s get back to the fair!”, the upcoming edition of Simac Tanning Tech has three priorities. The first one, of course, is to highlight the technologies and innovations for the fashion industry supply chain within what is the best “technology centre”, with a particular focus on sustainable solutions. The second one is to integrate the physical moment with the digital one, through the renewed app “Simac Tannig Tech 2021” which will allow an easy “paperless” access to the fair and provide operators with a chat line to communicate directly with the people present at the event, exchange business card by simply joining smartphones and obtain all the information on companies and products, to better plan the visit.

The last priority related to safety is guaranteed by the adherence to the anti-Covid measures implemented at the fair and in compliance with the indications of the Italian Ministry of Health that favour access to buyers and visitors in Italy for a period of 120 hours for proven work needs. “The legislation is clear and favours the arrival in Italy – stresses Roberto Vago, director of Assomac and Head of the operational secretariat of the event – I invite exhibitors to act as a sounding board and send information to their customers: we are using the media, Associations of foreign countries and the Ice Agenzia offices abroad to disseminate correct information”.

Maria Vittoria Brustia, president of Assomac, joins the invitation of Roberto Vago with an open letter to the sector that we report below.

The courage to accept the challenge”

This is the slogan that best describes the determination in a difficult historical period, which all of our mechanical companies in the sector, but more generally, the entire manufacturing chain wanted to reiterate in being present at the events that will follow one another in FIERAMILANO.

I therefore want to thank all our companies who, despite both economic and social uncertainties, wanted to be present at SIMAC TANNING TECH 2021 to reiterate that we are leaders in this sector not just because of the tradition that distinguishes us, but also and above all for the ability to formulate the production of innovative solutions.

We hope that the recovery will continue and strengthen, despite the dangers around the corner, such as the increase in the prices of raw materials which is certainly creating many difficulties.

I would like to convey to you the “awareness of looking beyond” where DIGITISATION and SUSTAINABILITY are the issues of primary importance. You will, of course, find concrete applications and answers in the technological solutions presented at SIMAC TANNING TECH 2021.

I want to see “the glass half full” and that is why, despite the difficulties we are still experiencing, we must use everything this period has taught us; “RETHINK” the ways and habits to which we were used to.

“PEOPLE BEYOND MACHINES”, this is the reality of our companies where professionalism and competence are the fulcrum of innovation. The Fair wants to be a moment of RESTART but also of RENEWAL; I do not hide from you that we are learning day after day precisely because there are no “PRE-PACKAGED FORMULAS” to which we can refer.

This is why we have pursued the goal of a promotional RELAUNCH, through updated and renewed communication: precious tools to be the protagonists of tomorrow such as the “ASSOMAC” Collective trademark, the new international communication platform.

We are proud to be the “reference point for the industry”: This is demonstrated by the numerous signs of esteem received from our customers at international level. We have worked with this spirit to find solutions in order to facilitate visitors, both those present physically and those connected remotely: the APP “Simac Tanning Tech 2021”, ASSOMAC TALKS with the participation in the round tables of Technology and Innovation Centres and Video support for exhibitors during the days of the fair.

We intend to make live the Fair all year round.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all guests who will live the Simac Tanning Tech experience with us

and “Good Luck!” to all our companies.

Maria Vittoria Brustia
Roberto Vago