Gianni Zanetti, CEO di TECNOGI

The Novara based company in the year of the fortieth anniversary since its establishment continues thus its path of growth and internationalisation.
TECNOGI S.p.A., founded by the Giardini family in 1979, leader in the production of technical textiles for footwear, formerly a minority shareholder of SIPOL SpA, has completed the extraordinary transaction for the acquisition of the majority of the share capital.
TECNOGI and SIPOL – the latter active in the formulation and polymerisation of co-polyesters and co-polyamides intended for the market of hot melt adhesives, high-performance technopolymers and biopolymers – had already embarked on a path of close commercial collaboration by exploiting synergies of technological know-how and positioning on the world footwear market.
With the acquisition, the company based in Borgolavezzaro, in the year of the fortieth anniversary since its establishment, continues the strategic growth project for adjacent sectors, extending its activity also in the field of biodegradable polymers, technopolymers, automotive, packaging and textiles implementing, in this last segment, the historic partnership with the Swiss company CEPAT AG based in Chur, owner of the CEPATEX brand.

Gianni Zanetti, CEO of TECNOGI, commented the operation as follows:

“There is a great satisfaction shared between property and management for the conclusion of this operation, strongly desired and pursued with great determination, which represents an extraordinary growth opportunity for the Group in the year of the fortieth anniversary since its establishment”.

He is echoed by Massimo Cattaneo, CEO of SIPOL:

“Among the various options on the table this is the most appreciated and the best one from all points of view. The industrial plan developed jointly with the acquisition project is ambitious, but I believe that, also thanks to the support of TECNOGI, all the objectives will be achieved on schedule”.