Sipol® S.p.A. (Società Italiana Polimeri [Italian Polymer Company]), a leading company in the synthesis of high-performance polymers destined for the adhesives industry and the technopolymer sector, operates successfully in the Automotive, Footwear, Packaging and Industrial Goods sectors with its wide range of co-polyesters and co-polyamides.

Sipol® S.p.A.’s main products destined for the footwear sector are: the polyester-based thread Technipol® 170, the polyamide-based assembly thread Technipol® PA 167 and the folding granule Technipol® PA/G.

Among the latest developments there is the polyester-based thread Technipol® 170 N, with a higher crystallization speed in comparison with the standard product Technipol® 170.
This peculiarity offers many advantages: a reduction of plate closing time, a lower formation of threads and a decrease in the consumption of thermoplastic material since it is possible to use less.

The latest Sipol novelty: the thread Technipol® PA 162. This polyamide-based adhesive was specifically developed in order to use it with the new toe lasting machines equipped with tracers, besides traditional lasting machines. Its higher rigidity and setting speed guarantee an excellent performance at high production speeds too. The product, like Technipol® PA 167, is available in a 3.9 mm version and a 4.2 mm diameter version.