The need to protect the planet has become one of the cornerstones of the Research and Development office of Siretessile which, with the “Si-Recycle” project has designed a new range of products made from recycled and eco-friendly materials, or with natural fibres, that guarantee the same high-tech performance. Among the fabrics proposed are materials for linings, felts, membranes and 3D materials with various possibilities of bonding for the creation of urban, safety, and winter footwear.

To reply to the needs of the safety footwear industry, at the fair, Siretessile also presents four new materials for conductive insoles that currently have their patent pending. All these products comply with the new safety standard CEI EN 61340-5-1:2016 on the protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena (ESDS).

The products are: Thanos, an antibacterial and conductive material that can be cut, which is anti-odour with a high resistance to abrasion. Next is Flash made from a printed conductive fabric that can be cut, which is ideal for customizing linings with brand logos and for having an anti-odour product. Inject is exclusively produced for clientele specialized in polyurethane direct injection onto insoles, with the possibility of using different kinds of lining in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Finally, Thermoform is structured for the production of thermoformable insoles, with various possibilities of bonding with linings.