After 35 years, the presidency returns to Riviera del Brenta with your nomination. What significance does this have for you and your district?

“For a start, it is a great satisfaction and a confirmation that today ACRIB is one of the most renowned territories on the productive panorama of Italian footwear”.


What will be the priorities on which your term of office will focus?
“In my opinion, the Association must be seen a little differently from the way it’s been seen up until now. It is much more than a simple organiser of trade fairs. It must start speaking of eco-sustainability, it must begin to speak of training but of a higher level, it must also become a structure of services, because today our entrepreneurs have a need to go out into the world, but with completely different prerogatives. Naturally, entrepreneurs must also give themselves a big helping hand. Because the association does not have a magic wand and is not omnipotent. What we can do is orient businesses, provide advice, and support the activities of entrepreneurs by signing agreements and lobbying”.


The collaboration with Confindustria Moda will of course continue…

“We are by now a ring in the chain of Confindustria Moda. Working together, each one takes advantage of what the other one has and vice versa”.


How will you handle the ‘Made in’ issue?

“We must continue to fight this battle that has now been underway for the last fifteen years.  ‘Made in’ is a matter of identifying the product: we know very well that politically speaking we have problems, and this is a fact. Nevertheless, we will do our best to move forward with this issue, by maybe finding an alternative for the specialisation of the Italian product. And we will continue to lobby on various institutional, national and European issues”.


The future of Micam?

“It is the most important international fair worldwide, it was in the past and it will also be so in the future. There could be eventual investments by the associations aimed at improving its look and raising it up as high as possible. And we have a lot of ideas in this regard. First and foremost, we would set up a Technical-Scientific Committee made up by Representatives of Confindustria Moda, experts in the world of fashion, influencers, sociologists, analysts of consumer trends and exhibitors, which would interact and discuss with the presidency to make the participation of businesses and buyers in the event increasingly extensive and strategic”.


And on international markets?

“Policies of internationalisation will be supported and reinforced, in collaboration with ICE, through promotional and business missions, scouting on markets and targeted programs for incoming delegations to introduce the assets of our footwear manufacturers to international clientele including its history, tradition, know-how, and above all its ability to faithfully present the Italian lifestyle”.



Box: Siro Badon: business and associative life

Originally from Padua, in 1975, he became part of the Calzaturificio De Robert di Saonara shoe company owned by his family, and over the years, he has covered various roles, from production and administration management, to sales and the opening up to end markets in both Northern Europe and Asia. An activity for which he was recognised in 2010, with the granting of the “Marco Polo” award by the Unioncamere Veneto. With a corporative life just as intense as his professional one, he has sat on the Board of Directors of Confindustria Venezia Rovigo, of NeaFidi, Confindustria Padova, Confindustria Veneto, Politecnico Calzaturiero, and acted as Assocalzaturifici Vice President in charge of education and professional training. For the last eight years, he also covered the role of President in ACRIB, the Association of Riviera del Brenta Footwear Manufacturers.