At the same time, emotions ran high during the moving speech given by Paola Sollini, together with her brother Icli, representing the second generation to work for the company: “We are here today because 50 years ago someone believed in a dream and had the courage and dedication needed to transform it into an opportunity. Our father and mother gave life to this reality, starting from zero, and my brother and I have grown alongside this company. Even our kids have grown up here, playing among the reels and trimmings, while we worked with the hope that any lacking from our end would be understood over time. Because it’s about not only us and our family, but also about all the individuals who, together with us, have contributed to building up and helping this
company to grow. Among the walls of this company, and over the last 50 years, we have seen the stories of many lives pass by, with stories of love and the beginnings of new families. We are here today because of the passion, effort, and love put into the company over the last 50 years. (…) We have the fortune to have in our home and in our company people with talent and special abilities, who are completely different from one another, yet complementary, and this is an immense richness”.
Sollini also celebrated its anniversary with its partner of many years, Liberi nel Vento, the association that assists people with disabilities in their discovery of the seaside. Thus, Sollini christened Principessa [Princess], a beautiful name for the boat that the wonderful kids from Liberi nel Vento were given the chance to sail “in this sea made up by challenges, directing their course towards new opportunities, with passion and courage”.