The spring summer 22 season is ready to enjoy the new flavours of fashion with a desire to live and be joyful. In the constant search for a diversity of ideas to create brilliant hybrids and tasty juxtapositions, the bridges between reality and techno-digital performance are refined, also looking at technological innovations capable of laying solid roots in the future. The materials are perfected in the smallest detail, even the simplest and most everyday essential becomes desirable and glamorous. There is a strong desire for new models of sensuality, more fluid and straightforward.
Spring Summer 2022 cultivates soft and reassuring shades as much as those cheerfully disruptive and brazenly in dialogue with each other. The range of colors invites voluptuous alliances, where colors communicate in an infinite transition between shades: the influence of blues on violets and mauves, pinks and oranges are infused with red, greens and yellows are often in combination and the paler shades give the darker tones all their materiality. It gives shape to new alchemies between sophisticated natural tones and experimental synthetics, all in full transparency, in reference to the ideals of sustainability and respect for people and the planet.

Flashily Seductive

Seduction showcases all its assets in a simple way, with materials designed to embellish. Fabrics, leathers and accessories are embellished with imaginative decorations and sparkling surfaces. Imagination is definitely at the intersection of the real and the digital world. The textures open up to playful volumes and hypnotic prints. A season of temptation is foreseen, to which we succumb happily.


3D applications, decorations, bumps in a wide range of tactile, familiar or unfamiliar sensations. The materials are inviting, yielding to the touch, masterfully combining softness and freshness. The sensations given by transparencies, slippery surfaces and iridescent fluidity trigger an emotional response. Fabrics, leathers and accessories flirt with relaxed trends that transgress with established style codes.


There is an appetite in the air for more sustainable and circular fashion as well as transparent production models. The advances achieved by raw materials and more environmentally advanced processes have led to even more interesting and creative developments. Voluptuous and captivating, materials and ornaments play with our senses, offering attractive products and increasing attention to the well-being of the planet.