This young company that has been present on the market for about 30 years, specialises in the production of ironing machines, shoe/boot lasting machines, leather stamping with coloured foil or transfert system, Rapid, Blake and Goodyear welted machinery and customised creations of aluminium moulds. Moreover, the perfect knowledge of the machines and of the Goodyear Welted, Ideal, Blake and Rapid processes make it an essential point of reference for those who work with such processes.
At Simac 2020 Fioretto has proposed several substantial improvements on very important machines within its catalogue.

Like the automatic stamping machine R4000HT, built to obtain a high quality logo marking on all types of leather, fabrics and assembled footbeds and hides.
The translating flat plat is particularly suitable for leather goods since it allows the insertion of pieces large enough to be stamped. The automatic movement of the heated stamps holder, equipped with  6 positions and double stamping function in a single work cycle (1 stamp without coloured foil + stamps with 2 colours or with 1 colour + hot contouring) make it even more flexible. The flat plate with vaccum system, instead, allows you to stamp very small pieces or complex geometric shapes.

The model BT-F, an edgepressing, bottom edge trimming machine that cuts excess welt, midsole and outsole leaving the shoe edge uniform and of the same measure has been revised and improved to be able to adjust the cut automatically, as well as allowing automatic adjustment of the sole pressure.
Some of its already tested features are: the double feed rollers at variable speed that press the welt against other components (midsole and outsole) and, by operating the knife, trimming the excess part according to the previously imposed measure. The device for the second cutting margin is used in Goodyear welted processings. With this function you can trim the part of the heel staple with a greater distance than the rest of the shoe, making it easier to work the heel.

Finally, to the Rapidissima Ess 828 HT stitching machine for sewing seams, very good especially to make the parabot line of the moccasin, has been added the possibility to perform other than pinch sewing also the profiling process, by using a new specially designed guide.