As with fashion, the footwear sector is also subject to ever shorter cycles and enormous pressure in terms of time and costs. To speed up processes and save on labour, Stoll Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH and Desma Shuhmaschinen GmbH have entered into a collaboration combining their respective specialisations giving life to a new model that allows you to manufacture complex and innovative products with a high degree of efficiency and sustainability, harmonising the process sequences of the two companies.
An integrated solution that starts with the production of seamless 3D knit uppers, which are then hardened to activate the functional yarns woven into them, before being directly attached to the double-layered soles. During the first phase, the Stoll technology is used for flat weave knitwear, while in the second phase for the direct attachment of the Desma sole: both are already widely used in the footwear industry for new products and mass production.

The advantages of this solution are many. First of all, time savings: compared to traditional multi-step processing which instead requires several steps, from the creation of the upper, to the union between the upper, sole and components. Cost savings, since the machine allows you to adjust the settings for optimal product quality without any additional investment. Sustainability is another aspect to take into consideration: the seamless technique implies in fact a production without waste or scrap, so as to preserve resources. Also comfort plays its role: the shoe with a 3D knit upper, is in facted shaped to the foot, giving a perfect fit. Last but not least, productivity and pioneering design are important aspects of the process. Thanks to the flat knitting machine and the efficient sole fixing process, it is now possible to produce high performance footwear with custom designs using industrial processes.