borchie-absThanks to customised and easy-to-use equipment, Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani has found the way to apply also studs with rivet in one shot regardless of quantity, dimension and shape. Studs and rivets are put up in their respective spaces and, once the material is inserted without needing to be pre-pierced, they are joined together with a press. The evolution of this technology affected also spherical studs, presented during the latest Lineapelle at the stand of the company, with a linear grid mould.
For studs with prongs that undergo paint treatments and for strass and Swarovski’s Rose Pins, Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani designed a specific mould, made up of special pins that form a protection that is able to preserve the beauty of the product during the application. The moulds for Rose Pins are among the methods recommended by Swarovski Professional and are included in the application manual of the famous Swiss company. Among the various application methods, this is the only one able to apply all crystals simultaneously.
Exclusive technologies patented by Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani and specifically made according to the specific requests of customers, for both grid patterns and customised designs.