For over 50 years in the luxury leather sector for Haute Couture, Conceria Superior has chosen Paris and the evocative venue of the JK Palace Paris in 82 Rue de Lille to give life to the Superior Private Show, the unexpected exclusive exhibition format with which it presented to its customers the new FW 22-23 collection on 12 and 13 October last. Again with an exceptional partner, Tannerie Limoges, it inaugurated the new season with an unconventional approach, a private show by appointment to tell the excellence of its products, quality and style, highlighting leather, its structure, with combinations of fibres undergoing tensions and movements and the fascinating soft and undulatory effect inherent in the skin itself.

In total about fifty items including calves, little calves and lambs available in a chromatic range that alternates natural tones with the strongest ones, true protagonists of the winter palette. Textures and colours are inspired by the 90s and 70s with metallic silver tones and bright and contrasting shades. Ortensia, Cammello, Cacao, Uva, Bosco and Silver are the new shades that make up the winter colour palette, available both in the section dedicated to noble calves, presented in their precious Superior signature softness; impeccable, immaculate, perfect and impalpable, like fabrics. Alongside Superior must-haves, there is a more renewed and structured capsule dedicated to calf and half calf footwear, designed both for more classic needs and for those related to fashion and rock. But the real novelty is the collection of 100% metal-free lambs (free from metals and any kind of aldehydes, manageable and usable for the production of compostable fertilisers, with biodegradability certification in an aqueous environment for an effective circular economy) with classic and soft atmospheres, reminiscent of tassels in contrast with more glamorous and contemporary items.