To produce abundant fibres without negatively impacting the environment was what led Circular Systems to create Agraloop Bio-Refinery, a technology that transforms food scraps and crop residues – from banana peels to hemp stalks, pineapple leaves and more – into natural fibres ready to be woven into sustainable, eco-friendly pieces of clothing.
Through Agraloop, waste material from the food industry could generate up to 250 million tonnes of fibre each year, and farmers all around the world could be able to earn extra income by purchasing their own Agraloop system and creating resalable fibres directly from their own waste, which is usually thrown away.
"Agraloop intends to initiate a new paradigm for natural fiber – declares Isaac Nichelson, CEO of the company – we aim to work with the industry to move away from, for example, cotton, the most widely used natural fibre in the world and one of the most polluting textiles with its high irrigation and pesticide use."

&Other Stories gown made with Agraloop hemp BioFibre and worn by journalist and sustainable fashion activist Bandana Tewari