Sustainability in the footwear industry

Sustainability today is an important topic for the shoe industry and is undoubtedly a topic of absolute interest and which is much talked about. When we talk about footwear, sustainability is a very broad subject: it touches on various aspects that impact companies along the entire supply chain from raw materials to consumption.

The opinion of our publishing house is that to talk about sustainability at this time it is necessary to balance two aspects:

  1. Create an effective story telling capable of attracting the attention of consumers;
  2. Provide a scientific and quantitative basis for the story.

We believe the era of green washing is over and the time has finally come to address the issue of sustainability in the footwear sector with a serious and precise approach. Getting into further details we think it is necessary to elevate the discussion and focus on methodologies based on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) which have the objective to investigate, measure and accurately describe the environmental impact of products and footwear organizations.

In this section of our site we will try to achieve two goals:

  1. Aggregate all the articles on the theme of sustainability that describe case histories ranging from development of materials to projects of sustainable shoes and that talk about companies and events.
  2. Produce articles similar to white papers that can help to understand in a simple but not trivial way the theme of sustainability in the footwear sector.

'. __('Sustainable icon','af') .'Biodegradable shoes

What is meant by biodegradable shoe? Let me say it in a simple way: you put it in the soil, you wait a little while and in the end you can’t find it anymore because it has turned into something else.

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Sustainability news from our blog

Peace steps

In the heart of Hebron, for some years now, a small social enterprise has been producing leather goods, ensuring a suitable work environment for a small group of young Palestinians.

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