When, in 1961, Luigi Gazzardi founded Tacchificio Villa Cortese, he would have never thought that the history of what was used to be a small workshop would be firmly intertwined with that of his family, so much that it led to the entry, in the last decade, of the third generation of entrepreneurs. A corporate structure that proved to be a success factor over time, allowing TVC and the companies of the Group founded later, to combine every day tradition with innovation and to guarantee a continuity of principles and values that make it a point of reference for the national and international market. We met Silvia Paganini, Sales and Marketing Director, to learn from her words how the company is facing this critical moment on a global level.


 The latest Lineapelle edition ended in conjunction with the first Covid case in Italy. How did the Group deal with this difficult period?
 “We have lived through dramatic months and we are still experiencing hard moments, which we treasure by learning to rethink business models, resetting priorities, putting health and quality of life first. Now we start again from where we stopped, not from how we stopped.”

Why did you decide to participate in Lineapelle-The new point of view?
“The event represents for us a metaphor for a new beginning: a more agile and smart exhibition project, which guarantees the safety of exhibitors and visitors and which will take place in conjunction with other events in the fashion sector: Micam, Mipel, The One and Homi Fashion & Jewels. Taking part in the new Lineapelle edition was not a light-hearted choice, in light of the evolutions of the health emergency we are experiencing. But we believe that this must also be the time of responsibility: as entrepreneurs, the same responsibility that moves us towards our collaborators, our customers and our territory must also move us towards our sector and its relaunch. An ambitious and courageous project, which comes to life from the same values ​​and develops from the same drivers on which we too have been focusing for a few years: safety, contamination with the footwear supply chain and the whole Fashion sector with a view to open innovation, together with what distinguishes our Made in Italy, i.e. product quality, traceability and transparency of the supply chain and all-round sustainability.”

Let’s go into a little more detail on these guiding values …
“We are convinced that in order to be competitive in the ‘beautiful and well made’ market niches, now more than ever, innovation that is open to the supply chain and that passes from technological contamination with new knowledge, digitisation and traceability is essential. The transparency of the supply chain, and traceability from a monitoring and sustainability perspective, will ever more be a key factor for companies. This is why we are looking into exponential technologies that will allow us to guarantee the quality and sustainability of our product, and at the same time an additional service to our customer.”

Can you give us some examples of this ‘innovation and technological contamination’?
“In the last year we have launched research projects with other players in our footwear supply chain with a view to technological innovation related to product and process, and thanks to the partnership with 3M  we founded Camheelion, a new covering solution for our heels. We are also focusing on the characterisation of sustainable, biobased, recycled and high Eco-store materials, which ensure a low environmental impact and excellent mechanical properties. FheelGreen®, a material for the moulding of heels and accessories that is characterised, during the process, by a significant reduction of energy demand, water use and emitted CO2, was thus created as a result of the work of our Research & Development team. It has strong recyclable features, enhancing an approach in line with the principles of the circular economy, and also exhibiting mechanical and aesthetic properties that improve traditional materials.