Anna Zago

Timeless tennis shoes born from the combined experience, technology, and sophistication of Puma and Zago, TENNIS 81 shoes turn forty years old and continue to write the history of sports and fashion.

Characterising the model dedicated to the elegant sport that was extremely popular in the Eighties, with unforgettable matches of unbeatable champions going down in history, is the dual material sole of which Zago was a pioneer, and which has conveyed unmistakable characteristics of lightness, resistance to abrasion, and comfort to TENNIS 81. “These are the requirements that led to the incredible success of TENNIS 81, – explains Anna Zago, sales manager of Zago Moulds – A success we proudly contributed to with our technology and know-how matured in over 60 years of activity, which in numbers translates into over 50 million pairs produced globally, representing a bestseller that continues to be sold around the world today”.

The production, which first started in 1981 with Zago moulds involved seven countries: Italy, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Macedonia, and Pakistan. The idea, the project, and the success that has continued for 40 years has made TENNIS 81 shoes a skilful blending of German rigor and Italian design, as well as a genuine cult fashion item that is bound to resist over time.