collezio1After obtaining the licence of the historic Milanese “Segre Schieppati” brand in 2017, Tessitura Attilio Imperiali presented its new textile collection for shoes and accessories in Milan at the October edition of Lineapelle. The stylistic project was not only created using the historic “basic” textiles of Tessitura Attilio Imperiali – such as silk and velvet – but also materials from the Milanese brand, such as linen cloth, denim and the classics. A perfect mix of materials for different product segments and categories.

Glamorous materials and sportswear emerge from a single collection. The two realities blend and contaminate each other, always respecting tradition, giving rise to fabrics and creative designs in line with the trends.

Extreme opposites that want to feel close to each other: this is the theme of the collection. Perfection and imperfection, glossy and opaque, natural and artificial are attracted to each other.

collezio2The company placed Antonella Bertagnin – researcher and trend setter of Lineapelle – in charge of developing a collection divided into four themes that not only proposes a range of trendy colours, but also focuses on the finishes, workmanship and prints that enrich the wide range of items already in the catalogue.

Research and innovation are the new guidelines of Tessitura Attilio Imperiali, while upholding tradition:

  • Natural wools and aged materials such as satin, long-haired velvets and yarns.
  • Puffy, rounded, padded materials: three-dimensional textures enter with force in the collection.
  • The technical aspect is also important, for example, the waterproofing of the materials proposed.
  • The denim world dominates: with iridescent finishes and polished, over-dyed luminescence effects.
  • Materials with a casual feel that play with the concepts of male/female.
  • Decorations, exaggerations and opulence, very dear to the fashion shows, are also very hot topics.
  • A return of patterns relating to embroidery and ancient tapestries. New 70s-style ribbed velvets.
  • Flock experimentation and embroidery with chenille.
  • Laminates complete the collection with technological taste. Stardust effects on silky velvets.
  • Games of black for luminous “total black” items. A “barock rock” for extremely modern and easy-to-use textures.

“Tele Contemporanee”

tele1The project by Tessitura Attilio Imperiali launched in February 2017 to seal the union between Imperiali and Segre. Its journey is nearly over, but not before it reaches its climax at the Lineapelle fair. The four young artists (Marcella Ballarin, decorations with doodles and lettering; Benedetta Bertolini, collages; Richard Blackstar, dark romanticism; Marzia Nais, underground fairy tales) will present their works during the fair, together with the finished products (shoes and bags) inspired by their moods.