Tessitura Attilio Imperiali kicked off the Fall-Winter 2020-21 season with a collection of fabrics that knows how to best interpret the needs of various markets, while meeting up with public approval at Milano Unica (9-11 July) and Lineapelle London (9 July).

One of the main themes of the collection is sustainability, a theme that the company has focused on with an evolved approach and brilliant results, which regards not only the chemical substances selected for production, but also the creation and presentation of the collections. Today, the ability to evolve must go hand-in-hand with eco-friendly processes, production techniques, prints and finishes. This is the reason why all the new collections created under the creative direction of Antonella Bertagnin always feature great awareness combined with dedicated research onto sustainability and the environment.

Alessandra Imperiali

Another leading theme of the new collections is aesthetic and material innovation, which gives life to new fabrics, where classic blends with modern, and rigor is alternated with elements of strong emotional impact that are capable of surprising. Themes interpreted by the fabrics include: glitter, stardust, laminated and frosted textures that create magical effects; products typical of the winter season where fabric is matched with eco-furs and velvets; mesh, stretch and elasticized fabrics dedicated to the sports world; hemp and natural fibres for reinforcing the theme of sustainability; and three-dimensional and matelassé fabrics.

The palette of the collection includes seasonal colours ranging from natural nuances to cold greys that are combined and blended with more sophisticated tones like violet and bronze. Always present are red and brown, the new must-have that become the protagonists of the collections.

The fabrics of Tessitura Attilio Imperiali are high-quality products, updated through a constant focus on research and development, and flanked by a dedicated activity of material and aesthetic innovation.