ifa2Tessitura Attilio Imperiali is an old company that has been designing and making fabrics for four generations, but that has never stopped looking to the future.

A tomorrow that needs to be taken care of, in which manufacturing beautiful high-quality fabrics is not enough if it is not combined with a serious and concrete effort to reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities, a vital goal for current textile and fashion industry.

Therefore the initiatives that the company from Lurate Caccivio has implemented in order to concretise its values linked to the respect for the environment and, more generally, to sustainability, are many.

The dyeing, printing and finishing stages are carried out by suppliers selected on the basis of their reliability and geographic proximity. The choice of collaborators is never influenced by possible cost advantages, but is based on the sharing of common goals and trust, because Tessitura Attilio Imperiali believes that sustainability is a journey to be shared with the entire supply chain and that it can only come from dialogue and collaboration with customers and suppliers.

The issue of hazardous chemicals is also crucial. In this regard, Tessitura Attilio Imperiali decided to participate in the Sustainable Fabrics and Accessories Catalogue made by Sustainability-Lab and distributed at Milano Unica.

In September 2014 it also decided to subscribe to the Detox commitment launched by Greenpeace for the fashion world, and to eliminate the chemicals recognised as polluting and dangerous for human health from production.

tessitura attilio imperiali ripiantumazione
Projects for the compensation for CO2 emissions through tree replanting in urban areas

“Our fabrics combine aesthetic characteristics, exceptional fibres and processes with a low environmental impact. We believe that sustainability is also the result of small, everyday gestures such as opting to use office materials that come from recycling or renewable sources, and paying constant attention to energy savings – says Giovanni Di Gristina, marketing and development manager and coordinator of the structure dedicated to sustainability policies. We therefore joined the program of ReteClima, a non-profit environmental organisation, which includes actions to compensate CO2 emissions such as tree replanting in areas lacking in environmental resources”.

However, according to Tessitura Attilio Imperiali, in order to be defined as sustainable, a company should pay attention also to the relationship with future generations and to their training. This is the idea from which Fashion Academy was born, launched to develop training projects dedicated to future designers and promoted in schools and universities.

Among the initiatives there is also the support to social and cultural projects within the country or the attention to the circular economy of recycling. We are referring to the collaboration with “Redoo” tailoring workshop in Rimini, to which Tessitura Attilio Imperiali donated many unused fabrics. From those materials derived eccentric chef jackets worn by the protagonists of “Masterchef Italia” on the occasion of the closing event of Imperiali’s Fashion Academy.