On 22 September 2014 Tessitura Attilio Imperiali, a textile company based in Lurate Caccivio (Co), signed the Detox commitment, promoted by Greenpeace, pledging not to use critical substances and to replace them with non-polluting ones, involving in this approach also its suppliers.

We strongly believe that sustainable fashion can only come from a commitment by all the players in the supply chain to do their part and for this reason we decided to directly commit ourselves by signing the Detox commitment – declares Giovanni Di Gristina, Head of Marketing and Development Department of the company. For some time we have eliminated from our products those substances identified as toxic, interpreting the requirements of the European Reach Regulation even more rigorously, but we believe we must do more and focus on the continuous improvement of the processes.


Specialized in the weaving of fine fibers for big names in fashion, Tessitura Attilio Imperiali is an ancient company, strongly rooted in the Como textile culture and well aware of its social as well as economic role.

“The dialogue of a company with opinion movements and environmentalists, in this case with Greenpeace, concretizes our idea of a company open to society and convinced that business, the wellbeing of people, and respect for the environment must proceed together – continues Di Gristina. For some time now we have been developing actions to compensate the CO2 produced by the production processes, but also thanks to the collaboration with the blumine/sustainability-lab we decided to take Detox’s commitment as an opportunity to prevent crucial production issues. It is also a matter of pride to see how, to date, the semi-finished companies that have taken over the Detox commitment worldwide are Italian”.