In honour of Earth Day, Texon published its second annual Sustainability Report that documents its considerable efforts and its commitment to protecting the environment and mankind in what was an unprecedented and difficult year like 2020, reinforcing its ambition to become a zero-waste organisation by 2025. The Texon Sustainability Report 2020 highlights the key achievements of Texon, including innovating materials, developing closed-loop projects with customers, and reducing high-energy production processes to progress towards Texon’s four sustainability goals for 2025, which are: reducing its carbon footprint by 50%, cutting the use of virgin materials by 50%, ensuring 90% of waste is recyclable or reusable, and reducing water usage and water waste by 20%. During the pandemic, Texon also focused on the protection of its employees and their families, incorporating safe working practices for shop floor workers, as well as flexible working options and health-related information programmes. In parallel, the company continued to drive forward its zerofootprint sustainability programme, with a focus on innovation to reduce environmental impact and meet customers’ sustainability needs. Faced with fresh logistical and operational challenges created by the pandemic, Texon still managed to, among other things, to open a new production facility in Vietnam, which has sustainability designed into its very fabric, with solar panels generating up to 45% of the site’s energy needs; energy efficient LED lighting fitted throughout; and closed loop water cycles on the factory floor to cool down machinery. Texon also developed four new sustainable products (Sportflex Eco, Sportflex Bio, X8S and Bioform) and increased its use of secondary fibres. “Sustainability has always been a key part of our DNA – confirmed Jelle Tolsma, CEO of Texon -. In the face of an unpredictable year, we refused to let COVID-19 set us back on our sustainability journey. In fact, it has only strengthened our resolve”.