Even during this long period of crisis caused by Covid-19, Polo Innovazione Tessile (Textile Innovation Cluster) has never stopped supporting its members and their projects. In this difficult time, it has developed ideas and products related to the ongoing health emergency, producing specific machinery, masks and fabrics.

MaskPro by Bianco®

For example, numerous success stories emerged in 2020, such as Bianco® with its MaskPro, the first professional Italian machine for the production of Type I and II surgical masks. A solid and reliable modular system guaranteed by Bianco®, an Italian company with more than 30 years of experience in the production of automatic production lines.

Sherpa Mask by Stamperia Alicese

Stamperia Alicese has always been synonymous with innovation and flexibility in the production of technical sportswear. The company collaborated with the Polytechnic Institute of Turin to develop a sports mask for athletes to wear even during the Covid-19 emergency. After numerous experiments and tests, the Sherpa sports mask was developed in only a few months.


Yanga srl has been producing textiles for the healthcare industry since 1974. In 2020 the company designed, produced and marketed three handmade and 100% Italian-made personal protective aids: REDIMASK, a three-layer filtering mask made of certified polypropylene non-woven fabric, washable and reusable; SILVERSHIELD, a comfortable multifunctional tubular neck warmer, made with silver fabric to offer effective bacteriostatic protection, excellent for sports use; REDITOUCH, universal protective gloves, shielded to protect against external agents, with convenient and easy opening for the hands.
The collaboration between Zanolo and FastmedItalia led to the birth of ComVir, a technogical and innovative fabric designed for the health, safety and well being of people. Its fibres contain a molecule capable of eliminating germs, mites, bacteria and viruses from its surface, which makes ComVir a disinfectant fabric active against Covid-19. It is 80% cellulose and has flame-retardant properties.
Canclini1925, Flenghi Divise and Fraizzoli, in perfect synergy, have also managed to convert part of their production lines to meet the demand for safety in the community. They have produced a surgical mask that received positive feedback from the Istituto Superiore della Sanità.
In its Colverde (CO) plant, EXTRIS produces fabrics in high-density PET, PA and PP monofilament with calibrated mesh openings for use in precision microfiltration. Thus, the SPES c Type IIR surgical mask was born, and a challenging project began for a new range of PPE-type face masks.
Maglificio Po (Torino) and Tessitura Pertile (Chieri, TO) have joined forces to create the first surgical mask in pure cotton with replaceable SMS filter and made by an all-Italian production chain, in collaboration with Ahlstrom Munskjo (Mathi, TO). The masks are Type I and II surgical masks with CE marking and are currently in the patent process.

E-Mask by Pattern Group

A leader in the design, engineering, development, prototyping and production of clothing lines for the most prestigious luxury brands, in April 2020 Pattern Group announced the launch of the production of a new innovative mask for civil use called E-MASK, which was studied very quickly in the company’s development centres in Turin and Spello thanks to an advanced 3D pattern-making software.
Tintoria Finissaggio 2000, on the other hand, launched its weekly #FaiLaDifferenza seminar project at the end of March 2020, with the aim of maintaining a high level of involvement of all employees and workers during the lockdown period. The company has now contributed to more than 50 innovative project ideas on products and processes.