In fact, the tendency to choose textiles for the production of uppers and the creation of leather goods is growing. This phenomenon has its roots in two fundamental factors. First of all: today the world of accessories is dominated by total-look brands that often coordinate fabrics used in clothing with the same accessories.

The second point concerns, instead, the flexibility of the textile world which certainly offers infinite possibilities of combinations and processes.

But what are the most interesting market aspects at the moment in the textile industry?


The elephant in the room is represented by the world of sustainability. The textile sector is affected by it and important institutions have been questioning the possibility of a sustainable textile system for several years. Sustainability both in respect of production processes and in the search for fibres and materials that have an ethical or recycling approach – concept of “zero waste”, or circular fashion.

Another aspect that we will analyse in this special edition is the mix of fashion and performance. The trends of recent seasons have underlined the growing fusion between these two worlds. Brand with a sporty character that does not forget the fashion aspect and vice versa. Obviously this trend requires suitable materials that can combine such different areas.

The third key topic is technology, or how technological advances can be integrated into the product sphere.

Concluding all this with the consideration that some interesting small companies could be defined as “the new face of modern craftsmanship”.

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