The future of companies operating in the fashion & accessories sectors is a key asset for the relaunch of Europe post-pandemic, with an annual turnover of 680 billion euros.

But only a constant attention to trends and innovations will allow companies and designers to exploit this great engine of success and competitiveness.

On May 11 and 12, WORTH Partnership Project will present the 2-day "The Future of Creative Design" event with the aim of deepening this theme through key speakers such as Carlo Ratti, Assaad Awad, Richard van der Laken e János Keresnyei.

They will be joined by 66 success stories of fashion and accessories projects realized within the largest European incubator dedicated to creativity: modular connectors made of emerald by-products and recycled metals, a bag collection made of bio/vegan apple waste leather, luxury heeled shoes more wearable, collectible and upcyclable and much more!

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