Paying attention to the sustainability of consumption and production is one of the most important themes that influences society, as is the awareness to limit the use of natural resources, which must be protected and preserved.
Fashion is one of the industries that uses the most natural and human resources in our planet and, for this reason, it is increasingly urgent to renew the raw materials and production processes.
This is why Centro Accessori has decided to invest in an ambitious project: “We want to inspire our partners and show that fashion can be sustainable in terms of the raw materials and finished products, and that it can be at the centre of a circular economy with very low environmental impact,” explains the company.
During October’s Lineapelle, the company based in Monte San Giusto presented the first complete collection of eco-sustainable products for footwear and leather goods on the market.
The Conscious Collection is inspired by the breath-taking beauty of nature and the responsibility to preserve it. The commitment is to find sustainable, recycled and recyclable products, with a neutral CO2 emission or biodegradable, and the lowest possible environmental impact. “We constantly test innovative materials,” continues the company, “and we support small start-ups to discover new possibilities for the fashion industry. Our aim is to set new standards in the production of accessories and to create new environmentally sustainable products and production techniques.”
This important collection by Centro Accessori supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030.
To support all aspects of sustainability, the company has classified its collection of products into:
GREEN Collection, a proposal of eco-friendly products for fashion production, with a particular focus on natural, organic, sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable raw materials, which guarantee low environmental impact at the end of their life cycle.
REBORN Collection, recycled materials capable of eliminating the amount of materials that would go to landfills.