We are all inundated with emails of good wishes as the end of the year approaches. And even in this difficult 2020, the ritual was punctually repeated.
However, in that crowd of electronic hugs, one wish stood out among the others, that of Tacchificio Villa Cortese, which we would like to highlight here due to the beauty and concreteness of the gift.

Here is their message:
“We are about to leave behind us a particularly challenging year, in which uncertainty and instability were the common thread running through each day. However, 2020 was not just a year tinged with shades of grey, but a year that encouraged us with renewed conviction to pursue our goals by implementing our newfound values and those that have always belonged to us, such as collaboration, a sense of community, and responsibility towards others and future generations.
When we thought about Christmas gifts, we didn’t know whether the current situation would allow us to physically deliver a gift. We therefore thought of a special gift that encapsulates, in shades of green, what we have learned in this past year.
In collaboration with Treedom, we have planted 250 shoots that will become 250 trees, giving life to
Fheeling the Future, the forest of Tacchificio Villa Cortese. A forest that will further reduce our environmental impact on the planet and that will support the farming communities involved in the initiative.
In our forest, there is also a tree for you, which you can follow throughout the stages of its growth.”

We would like to thank TVC for allowing us to participate in this fantastic initiative that promotes sustainability, not only in the products they make, but also in every other aspect of their business life.
It’s true what TVC says at the end of its good wishes: “With heels you can do anything, even make the world a better place.”