The survey carried out by the Research Centre of Confindustria Moda provides a disheartening picture of the first quarter of 2020 for the Textile-Clothing industry with the outbreak of the health emergency. Participation in this survey saw a greater involvement of upstream operators in the supply chain, equal to 65%, compared to those positioned downstream (35%), an important figure for data analysis purposes.
With reference to the main results of the survey, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 emergency, approximately 95% of the companies surveyed envisaged the use of social shock absorbers, in 65% of cases, involving more than 80% of employees; 80% of the companies surveyed activated smart working practices, where the type of activity allowed it; 42% of the companies surveyed experienced a drop in turnover of between “20% and 50%”; 28% recorded a drop between “10% and 20%”, while the remaining 7% recorded a drop of “more than 50%”. The average drop in turnover was 25.4% (compared to an average of 36.2% for Textiles-Fashion-Clothing).
The most significant certain figure at the moment is the loss recorded in the first quarter for Textiles and Clothing turnover, equal to € 3.5 billion, compared to the same period in 2019. 49% of the companies surveyed recorded a drop in orders between “20% and 50%” compared to the same period last year; while, 29% recorded a drop between “10% and 20%.” A specific analysis is that concerning T&C exports; the current scenario of deep uncertainty and volatility in international markets has led to a theoretical assessment of an expected drop in exports of about 20%, amounting to € 6 billion, which would lead to an overall loss in turnover of about € 7-9 billion, data similar to that reported by the sector during the 2009-2013 crisis. For about 90% of the companies surveyed, the priorities of interventions by the Government are measures to guarantee liquidity and social shock absorbers, with possible developments of recovery or otherwise, of possible further setbacks in the rest of the current year.