The search for lightness is increasingly becoming a key factor in the performance of sport shoes: a fundamental requirement for comfort, it is also increasingly in demand in the sector of technical shoes (outdoor and safety). Confirming this market trend is Moro Minuterie, which with its 40-plus years of specialisation in the production of metallic accessories, replies with a cutting-edge proposal that focuses on technical features and look. These are the origins of the Light Line: a line of accessories with a revolutionary look produced in ultralight materials.

The lightness, which is part of the Light Line’s DNA, offers multiple advantages: its accessories – eyelets and plastic (metal-free) speed-laces and aluminium hooks – can be developed in an extremely wide range of colours and design solutions, also customisable, allowing for the creation of the most evolved looks. They are very resistant: rust-free, resistant to acid and atmospheric agents, while guaranteeing colour retention over time. Plus, they are also very pleasing to look at: the special materials with which they are produced allows for a use of colour with an endless number of variants. Requirements that candidate the Light Line for use in multiple fields: not just in sports, but also in leisure and children’s footwear, as well as in technical shoes (trekking and safety). Generally speaking, it is a line suited to all those shoes that would be much heavier if they were produced with steel or brass accessories.

Light line metallic accessories are not only high performance, they are also comfortable and easy to apply: footwear manufacturers who choose them can apply eyelets and hooks without having to use expensive machinery for their application. It’s in fact sufficient to tool your hand-operated press or your automatic machine with the specific punch and it’s a done deal. The quality materials with which Light Line accessories are created do the rest and convey an added value to the footwear, which, thanks to Light Line, become ultralight, safe, and functional, but also beautiful and fashionable.