Rediscovering the tradition of regenerating wool for a responsible, sustainable and above all circular production: this is the idea behind the project that aims to rediscover the ancient Prato tradition of processing “cenci” (rags) to create quality products. The collection and selection of old garments and their transformation into new raw material has always been at the heart of the local textile tradition. Rifò wants to show to the fashion market that regenerated yarns can be used to produce fashion garments with considerable economic and ecological advantages. This is achieved through the significant reduction of the consumption of water, pesticides and chemical products normally used during production, without compromising the quality of the products. The company produces only according to customer order and is committed to reducing pollution by not using dyes because it selects by colour in advance the wool and cashmere scraps to be regenerated. Rifò’s production chain is also 0 Km, the entire production cycle takes place within a 30 km radius around Prato. The project is committed to creating new job opportunities in the area with the certainty of product quality and above all, ethical production processes. The start-up aims to reconcile the processing techniques of the past while focusing on the future of our planet.

In recent years, Rifò has presented two products that have become their signature products, and add to the collection of knitwear and accessories made entirely from textile fibres recovered from old clothes collected in Italy, Europe and the United States: they consist of regenerated cashmere cardigans and socks, made using the traditional “fully fashioned” method. Thanks to this innovative recycling technique, Rifò gives new life to production scraps, reducing, compared to a new garment, the use of water by 90%, energy by 77%, chemicals by 90%, CO2 emissions by 95% and the use of dyes by 100%. Furthermore, the cashmere yarn is Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified, while the merino wool is mulesing-free and Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified.
In addition to its environmental philosophy, Rifò is also committed to social sustainability, allocating part of its revenues to support three local initiatives: the Fondazione AMI, the Opera Santa Rita and Legambiente.