The Global Footwear Sustainability Summit is back, albeit in virtual form, and will take place on 20-22 October 2021.
Since 2012 the event has been the main sustainability summit in the footwear sector. In all these years the theme has proven to be increasingly crucial and even more so after the advent of the pandemic and the happening of serious events related to climate change.
It is a meeting aimed at stakeholders and experts in the shoe industry, as well as at pioneers in the field of sustainability.

What’s new for 2021? The 2021 edition of the Global Sustainability Summit will take place over 3 days with workshops, round tables and formulas that will allow participants to interact virtually. It will deal with all sectors of the footwear industry and participants will have access to various insights into the latest sector trends, sustainable solutions, opportunities and innovations …

The event will also be an opportunity to create a positive virtual business networking. In fact, the GFSS 2021 will not simply be an event capable of offering an intense exchange of views, but also virtual meeting sessions covering the 7 pillars of the industry on which to focus this year. During these sessions, attendees will be able to communicate, share business cards, ask questions, discuss business ideas, and much more.
And it will be an event designed to be accessible to the international public.

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