Since 1908 the name Luigi Carnevali has meant quality, reliability and accuracy in the production of car and thermo adhesive reinforcements for footwear, leather goods and leatherwear.
The search for innovative articles and the quality of its products have always made Luigi Carnevali a point of reference for the sector.
Research and development of new items made it this far as to imagine an Eco Friendly line of fabrics.
Why an Eco Friendly line of fabrics?
Because Luigi Carnevali has always considered every resource  unique and precious, making – social, economic or environmental – sustainability the centre of its activity since the distant 1908.
Selected suppliers, raw materials not deriving from animal-based sources and free of dangerous chemicals, in compliance with the strictest regulations, or the use of solvent-free thermoadhesives (zero emissions) are evidence of the tangible importance that is given to sustainability.
By believing and acting daily according to these principles, the company has come to the decision to undertake a further and significant investment: creating a new line of reinforcement fabrics, which will be followed by others, made with raw materials containing recycled material. Thus, ever more eco-sustainable fabrics which although keep their functional characteristics and performances intact.