201801_016__1j2a2939_lowFACOM s.r.l. entered the market of footwear accessories in 1996 taking over another family-run business in the sector which, in the absence of a generational handover, recognised the right skills in the current management for an important development. We asked the owner if the trust has been well placed.

I would say so. Over the years, we have created a number of products that are now commonly used in the production of heel reinforcements, such as turned pins and INFLEX elastic inserts, to name just a few.
We have built an industrial reality consisting of three business areas, 50 employees, a production area of 4,500 sqm… one of the most structured organisations in the industry, which is aimed at a target of producers who work for some of the most important fashion companies.


What are the products that make FACOM a reference point in the sector?
Metal reinforcements for heels, inserts for heel layers and metal heels are undoubtedly the company’s most important items.
Our catalogue not only contains a wide range of products, but also focuses on precision and quality, which benefits from the values and expertise that have long distinguished us.
Experience and continuous investments have allowed us to receive the 2013 award for ‘strategy innovation’ promoted by the CNA Marche. A sign of our continuous effort to be at the forefront”.

If you had to choose your biggest strength?
“FACOM’s real pride and joy is undoubtedly the customisation of its production. A factor that is increasingly in demand, especially by top-level brands that make distinction their creed.
For us, customising primarily means searching for new materials that allow us to translate the multi-form requests of customers into exclusive productions, at times one of a kind and highly identifiable”.

What challenges do you successfully overcome on a daily basis?
“Complex feasibility studies for reinforcements to be applied inside heels with an innovative design, often extreme. Not to mention the manufacture of all-metal heels.
Another crucial challenge concerns the increasingly tight deadlines that we have to respect… We are able to face every situation thanks to a deep awareness of the construction problems and to our extensive experience”.



Metal reinforcements: on the one hand, a wide range of turned pins and on the other, elastic pins

Inserts for heel layers: including INFLEX, which has literally revolutionised the sector and of which FACOM owns the invention patent

Metal heels: custom made.

Accessories: fixing bushes, laser-cut nonstandard galleons, inserts for forged heel layers and, above all, custom-made articles.