For those who want to become part of the fashion world, parading on the catwalk is the fulfilment of a dream, as is the first personal exhibition for an artist or to score the decisive goal in the finals for a footballer.
For the Arsutoria School students, who attend the one-year shoe course or the six-month scholarship course, the dream can become reality. As has been happening for some time now thanks to the participation of the school in Fashion Graduate Italia, the event promoted by the Fashion Training System Platform which, every year, brings together Italian Fashion Schools and Academies to present fashion shows, meetings, workshops and exhibitions telling about the present and imagining the future of young fashion designers…

How can this opportunity be accessed? By adhering to the one-year programme for shoes and to the six- months programme for bags ideated by Arsutoria School that provides a deep knowledge of the skills required today by the footwear and leather goods sector. A practical approach that allows students to learn every production aspect – from design to the creation of models, passing through a wide range of technical constructions both for women and men, from casual to elegant styles – and which provides the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of materials and to understand the purchase logic.

The end point is the development of a collection. After designing and creating a merchandising plan, students work closely with Italian technicians and artisans in the school’s laboratory, and make their own pairs of shoes or their own bag models.

Thanks to such a wide and articulated training, and to the support of expert product developers like Donato Denti (also a former Arsutoria student), students are able to organise a real collection, ready to be shown on the catwalk, developing not only prototypes and models set by the programme, but drawing and realising their own stylistic ideas.

As happened, for example, to Ernesto Maldonado who had the opportunity to design his own custom graphic for his boot/sandal and see it shown on the elastic tapes specially made by the company Nastrotex.

Gabriela Mendez Marquez
My creations want to represent the contrast between past and future, between lines and geometries, between technological innovation and ancient constructions.

Jeffrey Waskowiak
Mine is a world of overlappings and transparencies, of colours that emerge from the clean white, of harmony that is created between technological and classic materials.

Dorota Goczal
My collection stands out for its special geometries, its vibrant monochromatic tones that take inspiration from abstract art. I like to keep my designs aesthetically simple but complex in their construction.

Alessandro De Silvestri
The ‘To face the night’ collection is inspired by the evenings and nightlife of Ibiza, from which I drew stylistic and scenographic elements. It is characterised by colours, eccentric masks and a lot of haste.

Ernesto Maldonado
A capsule inspired by the Folies de Pigalle, to take up the daring side of Parisian fashion, its lights, its neons, transforming into style that very sensual, almost vulgar hazard of the nights of the Ville Lumière.

Fashion Graduate Italia has been yet another opportunity for Arsutoria School to collaborate with the many companies and the many professionals of the sector who believe in the importance of supporting young designers:

DONATO DENTI: product development
ANTONELLA PRETI: decorative painting
BIAFER di GUIDO FERRARIO: soles, insoles
CHEMICAL INCISIONI PROCESS srl: leather printing
FRANCO SAIJA: hand stitching
ITALCOMPO srl: heels
ITALIAN CONVERTER srl: fabrics, kristal, nets and printing
NASTROTEX: ribbons
SOLMODA: soles
UNIC: skins
VIGENS: the shoe factory