Throughout the entire pandemic, Texon made significant progress in the field of sustainability, rethinking and innovating its product portfolio, increasing the recycled content of some of its best-known structural components, but also improving the sustainability of the manufacturing processes used to make them. This work forms a core part of the wider commitment to sustainability by this company founded in the USA in 1947, and is reconfirmed among the company’s goals presented in the ‘Sustainability Report’ that was recently published with the aim of achieving zero waste by 2025.

On the occasion of the last edition of ‘Shoes & Leather Guangzhou’, the company was finally able to present in person its product innovations focused on sustainability, which included in particular the revamping of its extremely popular X8R toe puff, which has now become X8S and contains up to 71% recycled content. In this context, we also find Sportflex Eco, which is created using post-industrial waste and at least 50% sustainability sourced material. The company also launched Sportflex Bio, made from a minimum of 50% sustainably sourced material, including sugar cane waste. Another innovation is in the segment of heel counters with Halo counters, which contain 50% recycled content and generate zero waste, or the Bioform line, the first bio-based plastic heel counter of Texon made using leaves, stalks and corn cobs. Last, but not least, are the latest insoles, like those of the Ecoline, which now contain nearly a third more recycled content (85%), offering a fully closed loop solution.