Over 25 million reviews collected by Trustpilot, the Copenhagen-based digital platform, of which nearly one million in Italy alone, allow to make light on the new ways in which consumers search and buy products online that emerged in this year's pandemic. The Trustpilot survey, which focuses on global consumer activity between July 2020 and January 2021, provides valuable guidance for companies to update their online strategies, intercept new consumer habits and acquire new audience. “In 2020, companies have adapted to a new reality as shopper behaviour changed drastically. This represented a challenge for companies, which tried to keep their business afloat while trying not to be too intrusive and annoying with customers. – commented Claudio Ciccarelli, Trustpilot Country Manager in Italy – In times of uncertainty, consumers have relied on the opinions and advice of other people like never before, seeking confirmation and validation from third parties. What it taught us this year is that today's customers want to deal with brands that are more human and put customer needs first. Customer trust is, in fact, the most important resource for a company in difficult times”.

Surprisingly, we find among the most performing sectors highlighted by the study “Shopping & Fashion”, the most sought after by online users, which places itself second on the podium, also for the number of reviews on the service offered and the products purchased. Despite the pandemic, which certainly offered fewer opportunities to show off new clothing and fashion accessories, the fashion world proves to be able to exert a strong appeal on online consumers and it seems to have found very efficient ways of engaging.

Online searches. After “Shopping & Fashion”, no wonder the sector “Electronics & Technology” comes second: stuck at home in recent months, people have been looking for appliances and especially electronic devices such as telephones, computers and software, which have allowed them to stay in touch with the outside world and work remotely. In the third place we find “Finance & Insurance”: in reaction to the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic emergency, consumers have sought the best solutions to safeguard their finances.

Reviews of the service provided. The B2B sector – which includes companies in the sectors Import & Export, Sales & Marketing, IT & Communication, Shipping & Logistics – is the one that received the highest number of reviews in which the business service was evaluated (2.8 million, 12.5% of the total). “Shopping and Fashion” received 2.7 million reviews and “Home & Garden” 2.6 millions: given that the majority of the world population has been locked up inside home all year, it is not surprising that they preferred making improvements to their homes, and taking care of green space.

Reviews on purchased goods. The final point of Trustpilot's analysis puts the category “Home & Garden” (509thousand reviews) on the podium, followed by Shopping & Fashion” (492thousand reviews) and by “Aesthetics & Wellness” (388thousand reviews).