The Italian tanning industry, mainly made up of small and medium-sized enterprises, is considered a world leader in the sector. The Veneto region, headed by the province of Vicenza (which produces 51% of the Italian turnover, 32% of the European turnover in the sector and 8% on a global scale) specialises in the production of leathers for the automotive, leather goods, footwear and furnishing sector. Right here, in Montebello Vicentino, starts Thimeco’s story.

Past and present
The company was actually founded in November 1998 in Tuscany, thanks to the idea of Jouri Doumler, to give an important support and development to the Russian tannery “VKP LT” in terms of innovation and quality, taking adavantage of the Italian avant-garde.
Subsequently, in 2016, he opened a small sales office in Montebello Vicentino, which in a few years exponentially expandend thanks to the opening of new spaces and warehouses, becoming a reality known worldwide.
Technological development, experience, professionalism, respect for the environment and stylistic innovations have always been key elements that distinguish the company. In the Thimeco research laboratory, technicians and stylists create daily new products respecting the environment, with the aim of safeguarding our planet.
Thanks to the use of a completely eco-sustainable process, Thimeco technicians have created a metal-free calfskin lining that makes the leather completely eco-friendly, not releasing impactful elements into the environment.
Thimeco’s staff of stylists, inspired by the surrounding nature, every day give life to new prints and new colours.

Innovation and latest generation technologies are Thimeco’s winning formula
Decades of partnership that Thimeco maintains with the aforementioned Russian tannery, where the first stages of leather processing are carried out, is the starting point of the company’s product.
The semi-finished leather arrives to Thimeco, in Montebello Vincentino, and is ready to be finished and transformed into various items, in line with the latest trends, controlled by expert selectors, measured with the latest generation and maximum precision machinery, to be finally shipped to the customer.

A state-of-the-art service
Each year the company distributes millions of square metres of leather worldwide. And to respond to an evolving market that requires ever faster deliveries, the company has created the prompt delivery service named ‘Speedy’. Customers can purchase, on the website or at the Thimeco showrooms, a wide range of items which are delivered within just 48 hours.
In addition, the Thimeco warehouse has always over 400,000 square metres of crust leather available in order to promptly satisfy customer orders. A large reserve divided into a range of 24 colours of a thickness of 1.0/1.2; another range of 20 colours of a thickness of 1.2/1.4; and finally 8 colours of a thickness of 0.8/1.0.
Always to best meet the customer’s needs at all times, Thimeco srl is present in the Veneto region, in Montebello Vicentino, where the main office, production, commercial offices, storage warehouse and retail are located, but it is also present in Tuscany, in Ponte a Egola, where another crucial leather district is located.