The Fabrizio Suolificio, sole manufacturing company, celebrates an important anniversary by continuing to innovate its products. The new soles in Plumsol were presented at Lineapelle.

Fabrizio Brogi founded the Fabrizio sole manufacturing company in 1983, and since then it has been constantly growing. The company, which proudly celebrates 30 years of uninterrupted activity, specialises in the production of all kinds of soles, particularly in cowhide and regenerated leather.

We began, explains Fabrizio when there were companies already in their second generation in Castelfranco di Sotto, and we started working in a stable with the first shearing machines installed near the hay.

In only 10 years, the company developed and became an insole factory and then transformed, 7 years ago, into a real sole manufacturing company.

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I believe our success mainly comes from the quality and style we offer our mid-to-high end customers. At the beginning of our business we wanted to reproduce the “briar effect” on a sole. An old decorator helped us to create an article that was immediately copied by everyone. Since then, we have not stopped: each season we propose around 150 new products. We have been collaborating with the designer Blasco Lastrucci to offer the market a design with a unique look in terms of colours and finishes. In recent years, the company has dedicated itself to producing soles in washed and tumbled leather.

It has built specific machines for this particular process which allow the Fabrizio sole company to propose and subsequently produce a wide range of articles with a vintage and retro flavour, becoming increasingly popular among footwear manufacturers. In addition to the manufacturing of soles, the company continues to make insoles in leather or regenerated leather with varying colours, decorations or embossing. Insoles wrapped and padded by the various processes and the special hollowing out of the “fusbett” that creates external assembly notches. Technical removable insoles, assembled, or crimped and wrapped.

There are also lots of special work processes such as those that use laser technology or insole printing with photographic quality on any support, from regenerated cowhide to leather, with stunning visual impact and guaranteed resistance. These proposals are now part of the company’s tradition…

Yari Brogi, Fabrizio’s son has been working in the company for 10 years and today is production manager as well as chief architect of many innovations. He tells us about the latest product presented at the last Lineapelle.

After two years of research, we are able to offer our customers new products designed with the innovative PLUMSOL, an extremely light and flexible synthetic foam material, which allows us to create our typical and characteristic finishes, which were once impossible to obtain, except on leather. The new line of Plumsol products is perfect for a market segment that we have not touched until now. It allows us to take advantage, with the same look, of a very attractive price, excellent comfort and fast service, which is more and more requested by today’s frenetic market.