One of the many topics on the table, in this demanding and tiring period characterized by an unprecedented pandemic in the recent past, is the economic strength of the entire international industrial network.
To avoid things falling apart, with incalculable effects, these days important appeals to a sense of correctness have been made by several parties.

Siretessile is an industrial textile production group that has also been operating in the footwear sector since 1978. In an open letter, Gianfranco Baggio, General Manager Centre of the Venetian company, invites everyone to “prefer doing the right things” in such a difficult moment in our human history. He draws everyone’s attention, especially of those who manage businesses keeping alive the economic network that ties everyone together in a single, complex and articulated relationship.
So writes Baggio:

From a certain point of view, MY company is YOUR company. Nobody is an island standing alone. If we do not honour the commitments entered into despite the current world situation, we will contribute to destroying the economy, or to damage it severely.
The most opportunistic behaviour we can have to go well and operate, to make our companies continue and flourish, is to fulfill our commitments.

[Click here to read the full text of Gianfranco Baggio’s letter – Siretessile]

Vincenzo Boccia

A more than correct call that goes hand in hand with the letter that the president of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia sent to Italian entrepreneurs, in which companies are informed about the work that the trade association is carrying out, above all urging the Government to adopt prompt solutions that safeguard “liquidity for companies to keep our economic system alive and prepare for the reaction, transforming our and our workers’ concerns into the need not to give up, in the desire for challenge and the determination to react”.
In one passage of his writing Boccia takes up the themes already seen in the message of Gianfranco Baggio (Siretessile), adopting the words of Stefano Scaglia, President of Confindustria Bergamo, one of the areas most affected by the Coronavirus: “Each business, regardless of its size, product category or sector is functional to the survival of our production sector. Keeping payment commitments, except for serious and proven difficulties, is the right decision to ensure continuity to our entire system. Now is the time for social responsibility, we can and want to be the centre and promoters of the new revival”.

Boccia thus ends his letter, with an invitation to be more upright than ever in one’s decisions:  

This is the moment of coherence and responsibility, which requires being able to handle the situation, exemplary and aware that our behaviour will be a decisive part of the future we will build, a future in which, even in difficult moments, trust must prevail over anxiety and passion over anger.

[Click here to read the full text of Vincenzo Boccia’s letter – Confindustria]